Monday, September 29, 2014

Us Lately

Since I usually post pictures directly to Instagram and Facebook it seems a little bit repetitious and antiquated to do a blog as well.  But a lot of crap has happened since December of 2013 so I might as well post a ton of pictures with ridiculous captions, because I like talking about me.

I don't think I'm going to do a complete update, mostly because I transferred all the pictures that were on our computer from before April to our external hard drive and I'm too lazy to get up and find it and get the pictures.  Dec-March 2014 were boring anyway.

So let's begin.

This is all the way back during Garr's spring break.  Aayla thew up on the way to the zoo(for the second time) but after that we had a pretty good time.

We met up with Garr's parents who are on a mission in Richmond, Virginia.  Note the bird on the food covered stick.  It stayed there long enough to take more pictures than were really necessary.

Her favorite part of the zoo was riding the train with Grandma and Grandpa. 



So we went to Phoenix for a mini family reunion, this is Jojo and Grandma at the zoo. 

First time at the beach.  She said "Mama! Mama! I'm at the beach!!!" about 100 times.  Needless to say she loved it. 

Had to make sure we ate chicken and waffles before we left Virginia, they did not disappoint.  

We went to the Science Museum of Virginia with Grandma and Grandpa Van Orden.  We miss living so close to them. 

Her favorite thing at the Science Museum.  Cookie Monster is so scientific.

Role playing at the Petersburg National Battleground.  Cheers.

Grandmas are the best, I never let her "help" with dishes. My mom and Henry came to Virginny to help us pack up and drive out.

Hey, Garr got a new job in Rock Springs, WY.  Later Virginia!  (This is right before we jumped in the moving truck to drive west) 

We made it to Rock Springs!  A bunch of my family came up to help us unpack and to hang out for the 4th of July weekend.

We were in Rock Springs for all of a week and a half before we headed to California for Garr's brother's wedding.  We stopped off in Vegas so Aayla could gamble, unfortunately it's illegal so she didn't win anything, on the bright side she didn't loose anything either.

Quince was riding with us to California and his favorite restaurant of all time is Steak n Shake for some reason.  There's one in Vegas, so we stopped and ate there, the diarrhea came later. 

We made it to California a day early so we could go to Disneyland before the wedding.  You would think we did it to show our daughter the wonders of the happiest place on earth.  The real reason we went was so Garr could go on Star Tours(the Star Wars ride) as many times as humanly possible.

See, Star Tours.

We acually did do other stuff though, like pose with Thor.

Pose with Captain America.

We also took one for the team and rode on "It's a Small World."

Also, Tea Cups.

I tried to persuade her to not pick the most girly Minnie Mouse hat at the gift shop, but to no avail.  It's cute though. 

Riding the Dumbo ride. 

Oh yeah, Quince came too.

She fell asleep as we were leaving Disneyland, we all had a great time.  Three adults to one 2 year old is actually about the right ratio. 

Bowling with cousins before the wedding.

With her BFF Clarissa at the beach in California.  Coast to coast beaches for us this summer. 

The wedding was at a gorgeous location overlooking the ocean.  We got some family pics while we were waiting for the ceremony to start.

All the cute cousins at the wedding.

Three goofball at the wedding brunch. 

Nerds at the TMNT exhibit.

We're Amish, according to this picture anyway.

We drove back to Utah with these three girls in the back.  They had a rip roarin' good time for about an hour and a half......

Then this happened, thank goodness.

They all had a great time at Carey's.

Also at the Natural Curiosity Museum.

Oh yeah, and the splash pad.

Later we went to the newly remodeled Bean Museum to feed Aayla to a hippo.

Outside the Bean Museum with the Snarrs.

Moose high five.

Our crazy child.  Sorry to whoever cleans this glass.

At the Cutler family reunion with her cousin Slate.  They love each other, when they aren't busy hating each other. 

Completely filthy Aayla dirtball = successful family reunion. 

Grandma May happened to be in Utah while we were there, it was so fun to see her.  She always knows how to make anything fun (even great-grandma's walker).

Wagon ride with cousins.

Back in Wyoming at the Sweetwater County Fair.  She was not a fan of the pony-ride, best five bucks we ever spent.

Mmmmm greasy fair food.

Hey, we won a free old west photo.  We tried everything to get Jojo to smile, but to no avail.  Eventually she just put the fan in front of her face in protest.  We opted for the serious faces to match her silent dissent.

There is a dinosaur exhibit in Rock Springs (who knew) so we went to see it.

Also a genuine replica of an Easter Island Statue.

Playing at a nearby park.  Lucky for Aayla Garr didn't have bean burritos for lunch this day. 

'Cause we think she's cute.

Walking with the "world's greatest farter...I mean father."

Recipe for Jojo happiness: boots, tutu, and bubbles. 

Maniacal laugh.

Carey bought the material, I made the dress, Jojo wore it.  

Yard sale finds.  I especially like Aayla's face behind the Boba Fett mask.

She squeezed out an entire tube of Desitin all over her hands, a hanger, and bedroom.  She's sad she got caught.  I made her throw it in the trash and help clean up, but an hour later she got it out of the trash and got it everywhere again.  Parenting is the best. 

Yay for the Ogden Temple open house.  She wanted to swim in the baptismal font and ride in the elevator and press all the buttons, she got so much out of it.

With "baby cute Macy."

First time she ever gave herself a nap, it was glorious and wonderful.

Garr had a Theater Conference in Gillette and while he was there, we hung out at the hotel.  I'm pretty sure we got the better end of the deal.

Drinking a malt on our way back from Gillette.

We built a temple for FHE, she was a little too proud.

Whenever she puts something like this on her head, she calls herself "mother."  I guess I need to cut down on how often I dress like a Babushka, she's picking up on it.

We have been attempting potty training,  Success has been limited, but here a few of her rewards.

She wanted to help vacuum the other day,  let's just say she needs more practice.  


Connie said...

Thanks for posting the pictures, Sally. You have a beautiful daughter and a great sense of humor!

Tammy and Alvin said...

We hope our kids make next year's update too.